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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

101 IN 1001

Originally inspired by Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling, I am making a list of 101 things that I hope to accomplish in the next 1001 days. I did one of these on my last blog, as well, but it ended in August of last year. So, I made a new list and started this yesterday (even though I'm just now posting it...oops!) & I will be posting my progress along the way.

Start Date: March 24, 2015
End Date: December 19, 2017

bold: in-progress
strike-through: done!
italics: date completed

1. Write a letter to myself to open on December 19th, 2017
2. Inspire someone to write their own "101 in 1001" list
3. Get married
4. Buy a house
5. Pay off my student loans
6. Read 30 new novels (3/30)
7. Read 10 new non-fiction books
8. Run a 5k race
9. Run a 10k race
10. Run a half marathon

11. Host a giveaway on the blog 
12. Reach 250 Facebook likes on my blog's page (you can help me with this one!)
13. Blog everyday for a month
14. Post 50 DIY projects on the blog
15. Travel to Europe
16. Learn basic Italian
17. Visit NYC
18. Visit DC
19. Visit 5 new states (1/5)
20. Go skiing

21. Go on a weekend trip with my girlfriends 
22. Stop biting fingernails
23. Host a party
24. "Unplug" for 24 hours
25. Do an apartment (or home) tour on my blog
26. Go on a picnic
27. Give up chocolate for a month
28. Give up fast food for 3 months
29. Give up soda for 3 months
30. Volunteer for a cause I'm passionate about

31. Raise money for a cause I'm passionate about
32. Send Christmas cards 
33. Go ice-skating
34. Carve a pumpkin
35. Watch 15 new movies in the theater
36. Go to a drive-in movie
37. Watch 10 "best picture" winners that I haven't seen
38. Go to 3 concerts
39. Go see 3 plays/musicals
40. Rescue another dog

41. Foster a rescue dog
42. Take a calligraphy or hand-lettering workshop 
43. Paint 3 pieces of art for the house
44. Take a painting workshop or class
45. Buy an original piece of art
46. Take a cooking class
47. Go to a wine tasting 4-18-2016
48. Take a ballroom dancing class
49. Try 10 new restaurants
50. Go hiking to a waterfall

51. Make a needlepoint pillow
52. Send 20 handwritten notes
53. Give 5 gifts "just because"
54. Donate to Young Harris each year
55. Lose 20 pounds
56. Enroll in an MBA program
57. Post an outfit picture every day for a week
58. Invest in 10 new coffee table books
59. Buy a bike
60. Find a home church in Atlanta

61. Find a yoga studio in Atlanta
62. Go to a Braves game
63. Go out and sing karaoke
64. Keep fresh flowers in the house every week for a month
65. Give something up for lent and stick to it
66. Leave a 100% tip on a meal
67. Try 5 new foods
68. Visit Hilton Head Island 8-1-2016
69. Use re-usable bags every time I shop for 1 month
70. Try 20 new recipes

71. Watch 10 documentaries
72. Re-read the Harry Potter series
73. Go to a Pure Barre class 7-20-2016
74. Go paddle-boarding
75. Take a Adobe Illustrator workshop or class
76. Get a blow out at Drybar
77. Host a wedding or baby shower for a friend or family member
78. Organize my Pinterest account
79. Pick out my wedding dress
80. Visit Young Harris for Alumni Weekend or Homecoming

81. Visit a museum
82. Ride in a gondola (can you tell I want to go to Italy?)
83. Clean out my closet and sell/donate what I don't need
84. Send out 101 letters via snail mail (3/101)
85. Go on a 1-year anniversary trip
86. Decorate the perfect office
87. Learn to curl my hair well
88. Collaborate with a favorite brand on my blog
89. Collaborate with a favorite blogger on my blog
90. Go golfing

91. Make Benson homemade dog treats
92. Successfully hold crow pose for 10 seconds in yoga
93. Go to a spin class
94. Keep from hitting the snooze button everyday for a month
95. Take the GMAT
96. Have a date night twice a month for a year
97. Do yoga 6 days a week for 60 days
98. Complete a "no-spend" month
99. Re-organize the 101 goals into specific categories
100. Save my change for 1001 days and cash it in on day 1002

101. Put $10 into savings for every accomplished goal!

Now, I'm going to get to work on these goals. Thanks for following along and if you decide to make your own "101 in 1001" list - please let me know!

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  1. I made one of these a little over a year ago and it has been a lot of fun crossing things off and finding ways to complete others. Good luck with your list and I look forward to seeing updates! :)